How to Create Free Ticked Based Contact Us Page For your Site

Contact Us page is the best place to communicate with your users and Advertisers, face to face. But the contact us page can become collapse if you didn’t handle the requests properly. You can miss some user requests, you may lose your Advertisers contact if you have lots of requests. Each user will teach your errors. Each Advertiser put a brick in your Castle. So, everyone is important. Treat them in that way. The Ticked based customer care is always the best solution. Use this method, even if you are a blog, that shows some information. Follow below easy steps to create your Ticked based Contact us page.


  • You should have a Custom email with your Domain. If you Didn’t have custom email, Create Free one.
  • The Free edition is for one Account and Email based support. It is enough for handling Contact us page.
  • Here we are using Freshdesk service, which we use in personal and it works well with our users and for us.


In Freshdesk Side

Signup With your Details

  • Go to Signup Page and Fill your details, Email should be your Custom Email.

Contact us Page signup

  • Initially, after filling your details, the page will redirect you to one of the Price plans, Navigate to plans and select a free plan, to stay free with No- Credit card required.

Email Settings Page Freshdesk

  • You Should verify your custom email, Go to Admin section using the left sidebar with a gear icon. After entering into Admin settings, Go to Email-> Select Verify and Verify your account.

Configure DKIM Signature

  • Verify DKIM Signature to avoid warnings. Go to Admin-> Email-> DKIM. You will get Host Value and Data. In Host values just ignore your domain name and Select the Freskdesk values, or else you can’t verify DKIM Signature. Here select only Follow the same with other values.
  • Now go to your DNS settings in your DNS provider. Go to DNS Value-> Add Record-> CNAME-> Enter your Host Value and Data Values. In TTL, If you set Low Value, Say 600, you can Verify Immediately.

Create a Feedback Form

  • After verification, you should create a form to get the requests from the user. Go to Admin-> Feedback widget-> Embedded Widget. The Pop-Up widget will make users Annoying. So, Use Embedded Widget.

Fresk Desk feedback Widget

  • Fill your details like Form Heading, Submit Button and Submit Message.

FreskDesk Form Options

  • In Form options, select all the options. Attach a file allows users to attach the files with the form. Always use https to provide a secure form with users. Search Articles allow you to give some instant solutions. it is like Knowledge Base. You can create lots of articles that help users, before submitting Form. Enable CAPTCHA, to avoid SPAMMY Bots.
  • After that select form code and Paste it in your Contact us page.

In Your Site/Blog Side

Paste Copied widget Code

  • The Site/Blog Side work is very simple, you Paste the Copied code in your Page.
  • After Pasting your code you will get the look like this below.

Freshdesk Custome Contact us Embedded Form


Where I Can find My Login Page

  • Go to your domain Select are you Agent Login here, to login to your page.

Fresk Desk Agent Login

How to resolve the ticket

  • Navigate to Dashboard-> Open. Here you will find the raised tickets. Solve the issues raised by your user, you can see Close ticket option, to Close ticket. The user can Re-Raise ticket by sending email again.


Can’t send using Custom Email

  • Sometimes, your email will send from instead of your Custom Email. To Resolve this issue Go to Admin-> Email- > Edit ->Your Support Email-> Fill your Custom Email-> Select Save and Verify your Email.
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