How to Use Other Email Provider Accounts Within Your Gmail Account

Gmail is the best email Provider in the World, You can’t deny that Fact. But, In some situations, you should Deal With your other slow email providers or confused UI email Layout. What I Can tell you is If you Can use your slow or confused UI email Provider’s account within your fast simplified UI Gmail Provider. Is this Good? Maybe this is what Most of the Techie Users need. The Steps are very easy, Can handle by the normal level users also. Dive into Below steps to Experience a whole new email handling from your previous frustrated email provider experience.


  • You should Know Both Gmail and your Custom email account username and password.
  • There is a limitation on sending email counts that stick with your current Gmail and your Custom email provider account.
  • To avoid confusion, Below I Mention Gmail as a Gmail and your existing email provider account as a Custom email.
  • If you didn’t have a Forward option in your custom email account, you can only send the email, you can’t receive emails in your Gmail account.
  • You Can’t use “as a Gmail”, Means If you Buy Gsuite you can use your custom email “as a Gmail”, say in google webmaster tools, but here you can use only within Gmail account.


  • You can use your custom email accounts within your Gmail Account.
  • In the Gmail Mobile app, You can use your custom email account.


In your Gmail Account

  • Go to Settings-> Accounts and Import.


  • Scroll down and you can find the Option “Send Email As”, Select “Add Another Email Address”. It Will open the Pop-Up window. If it Doesn’t open the windows, allow Pop-up For Gmail in your browser.

  • Fill Name and your custom email Account address, The name can be use different from your custom email name. Select “Treat as an alias”, to avoid confusion between your regular Gmail account and custom email. Select “Next Step”.
  • In Next step, The Window will ask for your custom email account details, The username and password will be your full email address([email protected]) and password. The Confuse part here is SMTP Server and port number. The port number is 587, If you use TLS and 485, If you use SSL, I Recommend use SSL. Because Gmail Also will recommend this, to avoid Warnings in your recipient emails. So, Now Only the problem is SMTP Server, Note your custom email provider, example here I take Zoho, the SMTP Server Will be either “” or “”. Replace with your email provider address. This method works 95% across all SMTP. If this is not working with you, contact your custom email provider for more details.
  • Now You can find your account is added in your “Accounts and import” Section in Settings.

  • Important Note– In Settings->Accounts and import->Send Email As->Scroll down and Select When replying to a message:->Reply from the same address the message was sent to. Or else you will get the email from custom email and your reply will be from your Gmail account, that may collapse everything.
  • Now Everything is Done in Gmail setup, Move to your custom email account setup.

In your Custom Email Account

  • Go to Settings-> Forwarding POP/IMAP-> Add your Gmail Account->Verify With Code.
  • That’s all now you can use your Custom email account in Gmail Account.
  • Go to Gmail-> Settings-> Accounts and Import-> Send Email As-> You can Find your Custom mail is Configured there.


Where I Can find My Custom Email

  • Go to Compose, You can find your custom email in “From” Drop-Down section.

Can’t Change Signature For custom email

  • Go to Settings-> General-> Scroll Down and Signature You can find the drop-down Option, Select your custom email and change your signature.


  • Same Gmail Experience.
  • Easy access using your same Gmail mobile app.


Can’t Add Accounts and Import

  • You Can use this free custom mail in Gmail and other email providers using POP/IMAP. If you enable Two-Factor Authentication, You can’t verify just using your email and password, The Password should be generate using App Password option in your Mail Control Panel.
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